New Book: The Fear Bucket List 
and support women and children in Cambodia who have survived human trafficking!
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Why listen to Dr. Holst? 
Dr. Holst is driven by the desire to help other women love themselves more and trust themselves instead of self sabotaging. 
By sharing her story, she has already helped thousands of women get back in balance and gets inspired when she sees women change their lives around despite their past. 
She is a sexual abuse survivor and know what it takes to break free of fear and live a happy productive life! 

She is donating 100 % of the book sales to HAGAR International. 

Who is this book for? 
This book is for women who want to take their lives to the next level by conquering their fear, women who have suffered from sexual abuse or low self-esteem. 
Are you feeling like there is more to life than what you are experiencing right now, do you know there is a power woman hidden inside somewhere, waiting to come out?  then this is a book for you! 
Why is this book necessary? 
Why do some people succeed and others don't!? What makes a power woman like Oprah thrive, while others with the same story are stuck and not living the life they deserve? 

The secret is in the approach, in your belief system.
FEAR is the primary power that stops a person from living the best life possible. 

This is a book about how to overcome fear and trauma and live your best life possible without being afraid. Your life is your journey, and it is up to you, what you choose to focus on. 
In these pages, you'll discover:
  •  How to self-heal from sexual abuse 
  •  How to turn fear into power (advice from a special force marine legend) 
  •  Tips on how to meditate even if you can't sit still
  •  How to identify and conquer your fears while traveling the world
  •  How fear affects the brain
  •  The importance of body/mind balance

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 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
“Kamilla Holst was struggling with fear, and she won the battle. The author of this book was willing to take action and get her hands dirty in the pursued to set herself free. By sharing her story, she demonstrates how you can change your life by empowering yourself. All you need in order to be "released" from your own mental prison is to decide for yourself, that you will not let your fear dictate your future.” 

Sofia Manning - Coach and Bestselling author 
"This is a fun, interesting book by one courageous woman! It combines adventure travel, spirituality and a personal journey with originality and passion. It will inspire many to overcome their own fears." 

Cloé Madanes - bestselling author, President, Robbins-Madanes Training
“This is a great book! It’s full of whit and wisdom. If you’ve ever wondered how you will conquer what you are afraid of - this is the book to read. Kamilla has done it all, and come thru feeling her fear, and doing it anyway! Bravo, for a great story, but KUDOS for conquering her fears. You’ll be afraid right along with her - and wonder how she did it! You’ll read it and decide you can too!”

Maureen St. Germain – Author, mystic and world thought leader
"The deeply empowering and wonderfully uplifting 'The Fear Bucket List' by Kamilla Holst opens the doorways to overcoming and conquering your fears as your journey with her around the world! I really loved the personal insight of mastering the emotional self as Kamilla takes you deep into the jungles of the human spirit and out through the enlightened passageways in the Egyptian deserts. This powerful account builds upon your character with every chapter and gently guides the reader towards what it means to embrace the strength and power within us all."

Sufian Chaudhary - Creator and Author of ‘World of Archangels’
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